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Art Appreciation

Art appreciation of beauty, nature and life

Through artistic impressions, we experience the joy of visual beauty, which may endure all time and ages. Like many of the world's greatest art works, still admired to this day. Beauty and the appreciation of it, speaks to our higher conscience through the language of art and music. The heart and soul can be stirred within, when we listen to a beautiful melody or contemplate a piece of art, which impresses our human mind.

When developing a design, I take in a subject matter with appreciation of its own value and inspirational appeal. The world around us offers a continuous bounty of subject matters to glorify in art. I have come to admire the deep seated love of nature and of life, that is so intimately connected with Sinhalese art tradition.

Life giving sun illustration
The sun motif has many meanings in art, such light, warmth and life-giving power
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Appreciating art beauty

"Beauty and the appreciation of it, speaks to our higher conscience through the language of art and music"....

"the symbolic meanings behind many of lotus sunrise designs, elucidate a subject matter's intrinsic beauty and idealism. In this way, everyday worldly things are uplifted through artistic expressions..."

A single flower, leaf or feather can become revered in a skillful pattern or motif, and create a lasting impression. The symbolic meanings behind many of Lotus Sunrise designs elucidate a subject matter's intrinsic beauty and idealism. In this way, everyday worldly things are uplifted through artistic expressions and genuine interests in their details.

A simple motif can stand for much more than just the object that it is. It can offer a deep and meaningful impression, such as legends or myths that a subject matter may be associated with. Through this we can acquire a profound mindfulness, when appreciating an artistic representation of a subject matter.

For example, a design of a sun motif may offer the spirit of light and warmth, new life and the ripening of the earth's fruits. The sun is also said to embody male energy, and so the sun is inevitably the ultimate power symbolized in kings, worldwide.

Even when we pause to look at ancient art, we can usually find so much symbolism and a reverence for the subject matter the artist and his/her culture held in the object or idea, surviving to this very day.

Variety of art designs

Lotus Sunrise designs are art pieces that can offer the same lasting pleasure, meaning and enjoyment for many years to come. You can find an arrayed selection, each beholding an atmospheric presence, creating the desired mood or ambience in every hand painted piece.

Whether it be a sumptuous wall hanging, an elegant tablecloth or a unique decorative cushion cover, Lotus Sunrise aims to bring a variety of designs that have universal appeal. There is sure to be a design or more that expresses something about who you are, all are welcome to visit Lotus Sunrise Designs.

Browse leisurely through my collections and discover art drawn from the living pulse of life, resonating a spirit of their own. My art is a gratifying outlet for my own appreciation of life, nature and the beauty of the world around us. I offer that pause in the day for anyone, to reflect and ponder on their chosen art piece that may or is yet to grace their home or office. May your piece or collection of pieces continue to be a delightful reminder of what those designs have to come to mean to you, or express about you.

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