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My art design inspirations

Traditionally, Sinhalese art is based on many Buddhist concepts and motifs. Flowers such as the lotus, play a symbolic representation of peace, prosperity and spiritual enlightenment. The very way the lotus blooms in impure water, is a reminder of how the human mind and soul can, from Buddha's example, rise out of the impurities of the world, gaining wisdom and happiness.

This perfect and beautiful flower is patron and trademark for Lotus Sunrise Designs and through some unspoken language; the lotus’ meaning lends guidance and inspires some of my best ideas and artistic invention.

Pinl water lilly flower
Most of handpainted art work designs on this site have been inspired by Sri Lankan motifs, such as the lotus flower.  (Image by

Sri Lanka motifs

"I not only wanted to use ideas for designs from typical sri lankan motifs, like the lotus, or elephants...but also to create fresh new subject matters, with a universal appeal"....

"my designs generate from many sources and various vintage".

However, as beautiful as Sinhalese art is, I wanted to not only use ideas for designs from typical Sri Lankan motifs, like the lotus, or elephants, lion, and Punkalasa (prosperity pot), just to name a few, but also to create fresh new subject matters, with a universal appeal, using the technique of line art, giving my own designs an established age old appearance.

My designs generate from many sources and various vintage. Often I am inspired by several ideas for new designs simultaneously, while in the midst of working on a current piece. The 'coming soon’ range of collections are already formed in the idea department, and wait patiently in a storehouse of planned future designs. Lotus Sunrise will house a total of twelve collections on the website, when the remaining seven collections join the growing family works of art.

Ancient art inspirations

Personal life-long interests in the fields of mythology, ancient history, archaeology, astronomy, astrology, and a love of gemstones and nature, all influence and mingle in my designs. Art from different cultures and eras also offer a fusion of ideas. Designs such as HEAVENLY ROSES from the BLOSSOMS collection; CELESTIAL SAPPHIRES and MYSTIC AMETHYST from the JEWEL FAIR collection have fragments of Egyptian-inspired art, re-invented. Combining classic ancient styles like Egyptian and Oriental, which both have a perfected elegance and intriguing, sophisticated symbolic systems, a new style comes into being.

World-renowned figures from mythology, such as deities, gods and goddesses, fabulous creatures and animals, originating from Roman-Greco, Oriental and Middle Eastern epics, are a stream of inspiration behind my designs. More than likely, other mythological figures from around the world will weave in and out of all Lotus Sunrise collections.

The SEASIDE collection reveals mythic deities through an aquatic theme, and expresses my own birth sign element. Gods of the waters, mentioned in Roman, Greek and Hindu legends: Neptune, Poseidon and Vishnu, lend their abode to my designs in SEASIDE, revering their kingdoms and the creatures that dwell in them.

JEWEL FAIR collection also shares an intimate connection with myth and romantic legends, captured in the descriptions I have personally compiled for each design, as in all collections.

Colourful gemstones
Precious gems have been another source of inspiration for Lotus Sunrise designs
(Image by

Gemstones inspired designs

Gemstones hold an air of mystery, romance and adventure throughout almost every culture in the world. The "Arabian Nights Tales" are a fine example of fabled treasure and precious gems.

Sri Lanka, or Serendib (as it was called by the Arabs) was famous for its nonpareil gemstones in ancient times. King Solomon sent a number of his men to obtain some of the finest gemstones, to present to the Queen of Sheba as a gift. A journey to Serendib would have been a perilous one, as ancient records report. And another challenge to carry out King Solomon’s request once meeting the King of Lanka. However, in the name of love, exquisite gems were brought back for the Queen of Sheba. JEWEL FAIR is for those under the same spell that I came under at a very early age...

As in all of my collections, I draw from things I have a passion for and use them in my art creations, offering something for everyone!

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