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Artist's true stories behind Lotus Sunrise design creation

Revealing the art of creating Lotus Sunrise Designs artwork pieces, what inspires them and the stories behind the artist’s work and the design collections.

An artist’s work is a long and arduous process, as the Lotus Sunrise Designs artist can attest to through her own experience, some of which she shares in her articles below. The creative process starts with an inspiration, but it takes many long hours of 'perspiration' and attention to detail to create masterpieces, like the ones you can find on the collections page.

Creative Process Articles

"The creative process starts with an inspiration but takes many long hours of perspiration..."

For those of you who understand or are interested in the art’s creation, we have prepared here a range of articles, providing insights into the artist’s creative processes. We are certain that you will find these articles as informative reading as they are insightful. And remember to come back for more, as new articles will continue to be published on this page and added to the list below.

  Artist's true stories
Art Designs Art Design Inspirations

The starting point for any art is the initial inspiration itself. The artist behind Lotus Sunrise draws her inspirations from many different sources, including nature, mythology, ancient history, archeology, astronomy, astrology, to name some.

Art Appreciation of Beauty

Art Appreciation of Beauty

Appreciating beauty, nature and life through art is at the  fundamental essence of art. Through art we express and absorb the finer and deeper appreciation of life and nature’s intrinsic beauty and value.

Being Galactica Fan Artist - Colonial Warrior - Galactican

"Battlestar Galactica" TV show was a favourite part of the television culture that I, the artist, grew up with. It made a huge impact on me at my early age and it's been also an inspiration to some of my recent designs.

Calico Shopping Bags Calico Shopping Bags

New Calico Shopping bag design has been developed to reflect our enviromental concern. Lotus Sunrise Designs believe in looking after the environment and conservation, and will create new of durable calico shopping bags.

Hand Painted Silks Hand Painted Silks

There are several silk painting methods, most of which have originated from Asia. One of the oldest is Batik silk painting, used in Asian and some African countries. Hand painted silks add elegance and sophistication to interior decor.

Orintal Wall Decor Art

Oriental Wall Decor Art

With its mystical and regal allure, the Orient can be difficult to understand by some people. Whether you have visited any of the oriental places, it's likely that you might have marvelled at some of its art even from afar.

Princess in Training Princess in Training

Artists are often misunderstood and their work doesn’t get its deserved appreciation. Lotus Sunrise Designs artist has been fortunate to enjoy the support of her family and close-knit circle of friends, including a true ‘Royal Friend’.

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Artist's Articles
For more articles about Lotus artist inspirations and other interests, see Article on Art.