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Calico Shopping Bags

New Lotus Sunrise Calico Fabric Shopping Bag Designs

It is the love the artist has for BSG that lends inspiration to near future designs that will be created especially, for the environmental-friendly calico shopping bag.

Today we are very conscious of the effect the plastic bag has on our planet's environment. All too many are littered and end up caught in waterways, drains, rivers, and oceans, endangering our wildlife and natural beauty. By using more fabric bags for our shopping needs, that can be used time and time again, year after year, it is a small positive step toward taking better care of our world, and animals.

The Earth (or, thirteenth colony if you’re a Galactican fan) is after all, our only real known habitable planet. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability as the Colonials do, to travel across the far reaches of the universe in search of a new home. We are yet to learn how!

Bath shop illustration
These days we are more conscious about our environment and
try to use recyclable materials, such as shopping bags made from fabric.

Fabric shopping bags

"Today we are very conscious of the effect the plastic bag has on our planet's environment ..."

"By using more fabric bags for our shopping needs...(we take) a small positive step toward taking better care of our world..."

Lotus Sunrise believes in looking after the environment and conservation, and whole-heartedly endorses the use of fabric shopping bags, whatever quadrant of Earth you live in. (I'm sure the Colonials would commit the same, to their way of saving their home worlds from unnecessary pollution and environmental harm, if only the Cylons hadn't annihilated their twelve worlds first!)

The artist's life-long ardour for one of the most moving legendary Sci-fi series, and her intrigue for the story's twelve worlds, that were cleverly named after the Twelve Zodiac signs, also gave birth to the artist's equally life-long fascination for Astrology and Astronomy.

It is from these deep-seated interests, that she has been inspired to create a new collection of designs and bring forth a new product available, from Lotus Sunrise Designs.

Durable calico made with sturdy comfortable handles. Perfect for all your shopping needs: (NOTE: suggestions that follow in brackets are purely for BSG readers-fan fun).

Calico Bags suggested uses

Use one or more, to and from the grocery store (to feed a hungry warrior or family of warriors),

  • Carry library books (for all the warrior's instructional period needs),  
  • Carry a secton-end's worth of movie rentals (when the warrior is taking some time out from fighting all those Cylons and you've been put on furlon. Sounds like a direct order)!  
  • Prescriptions from your pharmacist (when the warrior is under the weather and Dr Salik has sent you to your quarters, for a bit of convalescence),  

And here are a few extra suggestions for further fan-fun:

  • Collect your colonial jacket from the dry cleaners in this handy bag. (The Lords of Kobol know just what a state a Warrior’s uniform can get into. No self- respecting warrior wants to get caught out in a flash inspection!)  
  • Sturdy enough to bring home a few bottles of fine 100 yahren old Ambrosia for that special dinner you have planned with your lady warrior (or other victuals with your wingmen...*hic*. NOTE: never drink and fly your viper!),  
  • For hauling all those gold cubits home, you won at a pyramid game, or your local chancery (just don't get caught cheating though, you may find yourself on a slavery ship!),  
  • Carrying home the new CD player you are installing into your viper, (a hot-shot pilot or needs mood music), or a new pulse generator because your old one is frac..... Needs replacing, or maybe just a great bag for carting around all your prize acquisitions at your favourite Sci-Fi Conventions.  

What a statement a personalized bag of your own would make!

Most importantly, strong enough to hold everything the serious shopper (or, warrior) might want to carry.

Circle of Tribes – Zodiac Design Calico Bags

Calico bags

Lotus fabric shopping bags made from calico

Calico Bags are lovingly made and hand painted.

The artist offers designs, to further capture your own imagination and understanding of your Tribal House. Each Zodiac House circles in Heavenly procession above the Earth, each in its own ancient constellation, like twelve shepherds watching over the planet.

During civil hours we can see certain Zodiac constellations visible in the night sky progressing in view at different times of the year, as the Earth makes it's journey around the sun. When a zodiac constellation is not visible, it is due to the Earth's position in its orbit at that time, and the Sun appears to be passing in front of that particular zodiac. Your zodiac house will be lost in the glare of the Sun.

Whenever this happens with your zodiac constellation, you are most likely to be celebrating or nearing your Solar Return, your Birthday, or Nova Yahren as this is the time by traditional astrology, when the Sun returns to your zodiac house, as it was the day you were born.

Take a refreshing look at a celestial mystery, thousands of millenia old, perhaps older than the Pyramids, (or perhaps lost in the mists of time with Kobol).

Calico Bag designs

Select either of these following designs for your bag.

  1. A design of a Zodiac Glyph to symbolize a representation of your own Zodiac Star Sign in Lotus's stylized form.  
  2. Personalize your bag with your name, nickname, or handle name, hand painted, in a font especially created to give a futuristic and out of this world feel.  
  3. Select your zodiac flower from the created available design motifs, which are especially associated with your zodiac sign.  
  4. A stylized motif, of the Alpha star found in your zodiac's constellation (known to our ancients as, the "Shining Herd" in the Heavens), beautifully painted in the star's actual colour, as it is seen by astronomers. Like, Leo's alpha star, which is named Regulas (meaning 'the little king'), and is a blue-white star and is seen as a double star, as it has in fact a companion star.  
  5. Or you may wish your Lotus Sunrise calico bag to be personalized with a combination of your Name, your star sign Glyph, plus your Zodiac Flower, or Zodiac Alpha Star.  

Your name will appear on one side of the bag and can be paired with your zodiac glyph below your name, if you should chose this also.

Designs of either your zodiac flower or alpha star (or both together, if you wish) will appear on the other side of the bag, with one design atop the other.

If only one design is chosen, then it will be centered.

Orders must specify the name you wish for the artist to personalize your bag with.

Plus specify if you wish to have one, or more design motifs to be reproduced onto your bag. Prices will vary according to design selection(s).

The artist will be launching into action to create this inspiring new collection soon!

Disclaimer: The artist has been an ardent BSG (Battlestar Galactica) fan for many years and the above article has been written with BSG fans in mind, who visit this website and can easily relate to the expressions and terminology used here. Lotus Sunrise’s New Calico shopping bag designs will be modeled on Zodiac Star Signs, their associations and their constellations, and are in no way related to BSG.

© 2006 This article is copyrighted and property of Lotus Sunrise Designs. All rights reserved.


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