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The 3rd Lotus Sunrise collection takes you into a quiet and serene cove

Your journey continues with the ‘Seaside' Collection. Celebrating life-giving importance of the sea, these designs symbolize good fortune, fertility, virtue, and spirit of peace and harmony. There are 4 unique designs in the 3rd Lotus Sunrise collection. To view these designs in large size, go to the Gallery 3 page.

Shell Cove

Shell Cove

A golden sunset shimmers upon a languorous evening ocean tide, as gentle waves roll into a quiet and serene cove. A treasure from King Neptune's bounty is left on the sand by the hands of the waves, awash with ocean droplets glittering in the last crimson and gold rays of the sinking sun. A mystical conch shell, ambient of the gods of the waters (such as the Roman god, Neptune; the Greek god, Poseidon; and the Hindu god, Vishnu) and associated with the moon, is detailed here with its mysterious folds, ridges and a stylised spiral. A spray of sea leaves and petite blossoms patterned with inner pineapple line work, frame the conch, upon a pillow of ocean kissed sand.

Placed to one side, is a decorative border of creeper and conch shell motifs turned on their other side, further capturing the intricacy of their convoluted lines in a stylised form. This auspicious shell has long beheld the sounds of the kingdom beneath the waves and is used in many cultures as a ceremonial horn. Shells are symbolic of a successful journey and good fortune. But spiritually, the conch symbolises creation and transience.

  Tree of Life
Tree of Life

The morning sky is nature's canvas, still wet with soft hues of a citrus suffusion. Orange and lemon tints spread across the celestial backdrop as the sun god meets his rising chariot. Shores, laced with groves of palm trees appear as though they spring from the very sea, gleam with majestic crowns of emerald foilage. In this design, the palm tree is revered for its graceful beauty and the many means of life it provides for man. Rhythmic lines capture the motion of these elegant palm fronds swaying in the cool breezes, blowing tenderly across the sea, from the sweet breath of the wind cherubs.

Each leaf is highlighted with silvery pearlescent outlines, creating a rich visual texture. Nestled high in their cradle of the palms are clusters of coconuts. Fruits of paradise that graciously offer food, drink, medicine and valuable oils, to name but a few things that the coconut provides. Encircling the palms are five interlinked rings forming a unique circular composition. Each ring is decorated with a flowing pattern of the wave's curves. The design's centre represents a bird's eye view of an island below, where each palm tree takes root and is lifted up by their tall curving trunks. The palm symbolizes fertility, virtue and generosity, and equates deservingly with the legendary title, ‘Tree of Life'.

  Seahorse Frescoe
Seahore Frescoe

Beneath waters that sparkle like blue topaz, Poseidon's abode thrives with a magnificent and magical kingdom. Deep in the fathoms on the ocean floor, remains an ancient temple, lying undiscovered since the mists of time. Colourful fish of all kinds, dart and glide in and out and between the mystical ruins, like a vibrant city. In the heart of the temple, a fresco adorns a sheltered wall, undisturbed for aeons, yet still an entity ever present with life. Delicate seahorses, stylised elaborately in graceful poise, shine with rainbow hues. Their serene faces, aglow with the soft light of ancient gilded gold leaf, behold a captivating ambience of the mystique and the divine, in their eyes.

A sacred blossom is gently held by each seahorse, perhaps as an offering to the deities of the ocean. While at the centre of the fresco, an open flower reflects meaning of an open heart through which to receive wisdom. Turquoise shades further signify homage to the faithful heart. Aquatic creepers encircle the design, their undulant leaves seem to swim, journying for eternity. Greek and Roman myths both associate the seahorse as the mount of Poseidon and Neptune, gods of the ocean. The seahorse also has been known to symbolize bravery at sea.

  Dolphin Spirit
Dolphin Spirit

Silver angels of the sea glide through the waters with their companions, calling playfully to each other, in their heavenly language. Their gentle song echoes under the waves that splash upon the rock cliffs above. Below, a profusion of colours carpet the ocean bed with corals, sea plants, fish and enchanting ocean creatures, deep in tranquil waters. It is here that the mystical path of the dolphins pass through, and their spirit of peace and harmony pervade these aquatic dwellings.

Two stunning dolphins grace this design, beautifully stylised with an aura of nobility. Bejewelled with ornaments of gold (symbol of light, fire and life); and pearls (symbol of purity, wisdom and immortality), elegantly fashioned with an exotic flare. The royal pair swim in serene compatibility, gliding between charming water plants and flamboyant sea flowers, that joyfully open into bursts of flame-red jewels. Dolphins symbolize virtue, as well as safety and speed associated with ocean travel. According to Greco-Roman myth, the dolphin is a noble fish that helped to save shipwrecked victims and also guide souls to the world beyond. Adding support to this design's meaning, are bright and uplifting starfish motifs flanking the corners. The starfish signifies guiding faith and the power of undying love.

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