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Lotus Sunrise brochure

Lotus Designs Web Brochure

If you wish you can see an online version of Lotus Sunrise Designs' brochure. This link will take you to the Yudu website, displaying an interactive version of the brochure.


Hand-Painted Lotus Sunrise Designs Range

Lotus designs range is arranged into collections. Each collection has 4-6 designs within it. Currently there are 7 Lotus Designs collections available. Another 6 new collections are in the planning stage. This would make the total of 13 handpainted design collection, but these new collections have been placed on an indefinite pause for now. Instead, peruse the currently available Sri Lankan themed design collections, explaining background for each design in detail.

These hand painted interior home design collections can be used for decorative soft furnishings, such as oriental wall decor, decorative cushion covers, and hand painted table cloths.

Clicking on the name of the collection below will open up a new page showing thumbnails and artist's detailed interpretation of each design.

Design Collections

These are currently available Lotus Sunrise design collections:

  • Island of Wonders - We dive below the waters that surround this magical paradise, in the blue sapphire ocean that is teaming with brilliant sea life.  
  • Blossoms - Like jewels of summer, blossoms emit their sweet and delightful perfume upon the season's balmy air, as their petals open gracefully.  
  • Seaside - A golden sunset shimmers upon a languorous evening ocean tide, as gentle waves roll into a quiet and serene cove.  
  • Jewel Fair - Fabled in the East as the drop of blood from the heart of Mother Earth each jewel holds a fire and mystery of their own.  
  • Shaken not Stirred - As the name suggests, cocktails have made a distinguished trademark in the lifestyle of the world's favourite secret agent, James Bond.  
  • Call of the Wild - These revered animals have the grace, charm and dignity, and come from 3 different continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe.  
  • Circle of Tribes - Inspired by Galactica, these Cosmic String designs represent artist's view of all things cosmic.  

Planned Collections

These collections 'Hours of Paradise' through to 'Mandala' are planned for some future date. However, by clicking on the link below will open the article with a preview of each of 'coming soon' Lotus Designs collection.

  • Hours of Paradise - To capture beautiful moments of any hour, day or night, we wish to preserve forever.  
  • Pattern of Nature - This collection shall revere the beautiful detail of nature’s palette and designs that surround us each day.  
  • Garden World - An entirely sophisticated order of life among the miniature world of the plants and flowers goes about their daily work as we pass by.  
  • Summer Fruits - Through the miracle of the sun and water, interacting with the earth, beautiful and delicious fruits grow for all living things to enjoy.  
  • Glympse of Myths - The collection is planned to behold wonderful designs of beings and creatures that originated from ancient legends and myths from East and West.  
  • Mandala - New and different designs, such as floral, animals, stylized creepers, zodiac symbols and glyphs, using unique geometric shapes and patterns.  

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