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Pattern of Nature

Proposed Pattern of Nature collection

In nature there are a myriad of colourful, intricate and unique patterns to be found in birds feathers, animal fur, leaves, flowers, trees, insects, sea creatures, rocks, or a single snowflake.

I have always held awe for the fascinating array of stunning and perfect colours and patterns that exist in our natural surroundings. I believe an extraordinary creator must be responsible for all the miracles on this earth. The eighth house of Lotus Sunrise’s “coming soon” collections, shall revere the beautiful detail of nature’s palette and designs that surround us each day.

If you are fortunate enough to have seen the vibrant and exquisite hues of a male peacock’s feathers, or delighted in the bright rainbow colours of parrots, then you will have sampled but a fine morsel, that which is quintessential of colour.

Bird’s feathers such as those of the proud peacock, is one of the designs to come in “Pattern of Nature”. Along with further innovative designs using the basis of other animal’s prominent features, either in their furry patterns, scales, or delicate wings of insects, they will all be created with the style and aplomb of Lotus Sunrise’s custom of Line Art.

The exquisite inclusions found in rocks such as precious and semi-precious stones, behold interesting and fascinating patterns and forms too. The geometric intricacies alone of a snowflake, each different to the next, can surpass our high expectations of finding miracles in this world, for miracles come in many ways, and are very often right in front of us.

One only needs to turn a leaf or pick a flower to appreciate my thoughts here. The “Pattern of Nature” collection will combine a deep love of nature and flamboyant designs, ready to grow on you!

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