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Garden World

Proposed Garden World collection

Ever stopped for a moment to imbibe the miniature world among the plants and flowers in our gardens, parks or wilderness? An entirely sophisticated order of life goes about their daily work as we pass by.

These tiny creatures toil laboriously to fulfil their special purpose in the world, with no questions asked. The ninth house is dedicated to some of the most enchanting, beautifully graceful and highly intelligent living things that charm children and adults alike.

In the storehouse of designs to come, Lotus Sunrise plans to manifest the garden world’s most loved creatures, such as the ladybug, butterfly, bee, dragonfly and snail matched with plant and flower designs.

Using oriental technique of stylized lines, these simple motifs will be transformed into eye-catching art. Design descriptions will tell of the meaningful symbols behind the subject matters, enhancing their poetical beauty and quality.

Butterflies are used widely in Chinese art and if combined with plum blossoms, this symbolizes longevity. Two butterflies together, offer meaning for a happy marriage.

Having given here a sample of deeper thoughts for an everyday insect, their miniature size is not to be underestimated for the various meanings they offer to human qualities, as well as the vast amount of work they contribute to nature.

“Garden World” is sure to enlighten one’s appreciation for the world just outside our door, below our feet or among our flowers and trees, vibrantly alive, with the hustle and bustle of their own complex society.

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