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Lotus Sunrise brochure

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Summer Fruits

Proposed Summer Fruits collection

Since ancient times, many fruits have been linked to the gods and the very meaning of life, in harmony with all other living things. Through the miracle of the sun and water, interacting with the earth, beautiful and delicious fruits grow for all living things to enjoy.

Each fruit connotes a symbolic meaning, in mythology, religion, legends and customs in almost every culture on the planet. The Summer Fruits collection will be a celebration of the jewels of the season.

Bright and vibrant designs of delectable gifts from mother earth such as, citruses, the golden papaya, sweet strawberries, exotic rambutans, sun-kissed mangos, tropical pineapples, and dark amethyst grapes (the very food of the gods), are the starters on this artistic menu.

The humble lemon offers many a natural remedy for human ailments, and further insight tells that the classic citrus is a symbol of faithfulness and purity. Traditional lore also says that lemons were thought to have protective attributes and could ward off magic spells and poison. Nothing sour about that, many might agree!

Indeed nature’s bounty is rich in colour, flavour, shapes and sizes, making pleasant subject matter for the tenth house of Lotus Sunrise Designs.

Appetizing fruit motifs mixed with special patterns and stylized design, found only in the Summer Fruits collection, are coming in the near future, ready for picking to add a touch of summer all year through to your home or workplace.

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