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Lotus Designs Brochure
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Lotus Sunrise brochure

Lotus Designs Web Brochure

If you wish you can see an online version of Lotus Sunrise Designs' brochure. This link will take you to the Yudu website, displaying an interactive version of the brochure.

Glympse of Myths

Proposed Glympse of Myths collection

Welcome to the next preview of what will be the collection, for all those with a love and fascination for all things mythical and mystical.

The eleventh house is planned to behold wonderful designs of beings and creatures that originated from ancient legends and myths from East and West.

For centuries, mankind has simultaneously feared, as well as been deeply charmed and lured by fabulous encounters and tales of enchanting beasts, creatures and beings from the mysterious realms that many believe, exist side by side with our earthly, physical plane.

Here, Lotus Sunrise Designs will capture magical designs of Angels, Faries, Kinnara, Narilata, Mermaid, Unicorn, Great Sphinxes, and Pegasus (to list a few) to offer you a glimpse into this world of folklores, legends and fairytales.

It is said that many of the beings and creatures that have lived on in our imagination and are still recognised today, originated out of the Tigris and the Euphrates valleys in ancient times and spread to the east and west.

Our language has also absorbed numerous symbolic meanings and expressions of the enchanted world and its inhabitants, celebrated in poetry, art and music through the ages, in all cultures, in all parts of the world.

I, the artist of Lotus Sunrise, invite all, to take a moment to peer into this wondrous world, of perhaps supernatural yet fantastic and beautiful creatures.

Look through the veil between our world and the unseen one. It is indeed a thin and diaphanous one, and we sometimes may still feel a sense of its ancient presence for just a brief moment.

Some of us experience a knowing that another and many other, dimensions exist, and most times it taunts us with just an ephemeral glimpse.

But if you allow your burdens to melt away and escape for just a while, from what may sometimes feel like an overwhelming gravity pull from the earth you will discover your inner child spirit again.

Enter a house of designs that aim to inspire and open our minds, to the fleeting and mesmerizing mythical world, that stands still through time.

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