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Proposed Mandala collection

We arrive at the 12th house of future designs to come. The auspicious Mandala collection will be host to further intricate designs in the Lotus Sunrise range.

Since the dawn of time, many shapes and patterns have become universal. If one takes a closer look at all ancient cultures and civilizations and their art, you will discover how similar motifs, geometric patterns and designs were used to decorate various objects. The only thing separating them is the span of time and geographic location.

A mandala is an ancient sacred diagram and was designed for the use of being a focal point for meditation. It’s known roots stem from Hindu culture. A mandala may employ many symmetrical shapes and objects, drawing the mind to concentrate upon the geometrical composition, inviting the mind inward and beyond into a higher plane of reality and consciousness.

In traditional Mandalas, four doors projecting from the middle of each side of the inner design, (usually a square encompassing a circle), provide passages through which the mind may enter or exit the center during meditation. Lotus Sunrise plans to create new and different designs for Mandalas, such as floral, animals, stylized creepers, zodiac symbols and glyphs, using unique geometric shapes and patterns.

Inspired by ancient and cosmic idealism and symbols from universal concepts and beliefs, the Mandala collection will offer anyone a touch of spiritual and earthly order, just as the number 12 symbolizes.

If you once were, or still are a fan of the 1978-79 series of the classic sci-fi television show, Battlestar Galactica, you may remember the Galactica’s symbol of an ancient mandala design adorning the warrior’s uniform jacket sleeves and on the interior walls or banner/flags, throughout the Galactica ship. The Galactica symbol was made up of a circle enclosing a pattern of opposing triangles.

The triangles in this known ancient design, are in fact, comprising of lotus petals signifying reality unfolding, as it is perceived by focusing or meditating on the mandala. In turn, the triangles inside show a number pointing upward, which represent the male principle, and those pointing downward represent the female principle. Together in the same design, the triangles interlock to depict the continuence of creative activity of the universe or cosmos. Battlestar Galactica used many such tantalizing and interesting ancient symbols and ideas for the show’s story background and characters, linking their human tribes to earth!

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