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Lotus Sunrise brochure

Lotus Designs Web Brochure

If you wish you can see an online version of Lotus Sunrise Designs' brochure. This link will take you to the Yudu website, displaying an interactive version of the brochure.

Circle of Tribes

A touch of SF for the 7th Lotus Sunrise collection of designs

The most recently created the 'Circle of Tribes' Collection. Inspired by love for Science Fiction and Battlestar Galactica in particular, these designs were to be mainly used in making of practical, environmentally-friendly Calico shopping bags. Featuring 4 Cosmic String designs in this 7th Lotus Sunrise collection. To view these designs in large size, go to the Gallery 7 page.

Calico Bag

Calico Bag The effect the plastic bag has on our environment is today well known. By using fabric bags for our shopping needs, which can be used time and time again, we take a small positive step toward taking better care of our world and the environment. Made of 100% unbleached calico, Lotus Sunrise Calico Bag comes with sturdy comfortable handles and can be used in a variety of ways.
  Cosmic String Alphabet
Cosmic String Alphabet This is an original typeface designed by the Lotus Sunrise artist - available to be hand-painted onto calico bags, with your choice of any words, phrase or name. These can be also combined with Cosmic String Numerals, below, to hand paint on your shopping calico bag.
  Cosmic String Numerals
Cosmic String Numerals This is the complimentary set of numerals to the Cosmic String typeface. These can also be used to be hand-painted onto calico bags, with your chosen phrase or name, or alone as a set of numbers.
  Cosmic String Sample
Cosmic String Typeface An example of the Cosmic String typeface used to create the name 'Sarika', as written on the above Calico Bag. Any word, phrase or name can be written in the same Cosmic String style and handpainted on calico bag.

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