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Shaken not Stirred

A different, modern approach in the 5th Lotus Sunrise handpainted designs collection

You are now entering a world of secrets, spies, and glamour in the ‘Shaken not Stirred' Collection. These cocktail designs reflect the lifestyle of the world's favourite secret agent, James Bond the '007'. There are 4 cool designs in the 5th Lotus Sunrise collection. To view these designs in large size, go to the Gallery 5 page.

Midnight Martini

Midnight Martini

A velvet midnight curtain falls softly behind a classic icon of a dry martini shaken, not stirred. Served in the traditional cocktail glass, V-shaped with a long stem to keep the drink cool, this short, strong Gin-based mix, has made a distinguished trademark in the lifestyle of the world's favourite secret agent, James Bond.

Contrasting with the background, are zesty lemon peels and pimento olives playfully showering down, to add the appropriate garnishing touch. Twin images of moon crescents, set the mood for enchanting, secret late night rendezvous, as they sail high above the earth along their lunar path. Solar reflections that ride across the celestial sea, like vermilion waves, create an air of mystery and intrigue. Dating from the 1920's, the cult of the cocktail has remained a popular invention, with its enormous variety increasing in styles and flavours around the world.

  Daiquiri Dream
Daiquiri Dream

Swirls of stylised plump, red berries and romantic frozen strawberry daiquiris, are encompassed in eye catching circular design. This fruity pre-dinner drink, is based on rum, the spirit famous for the West Indies. Combined with flavours such as strawberries, it is served in large goblets with lots of ice. A palatable cocktail for lovers.

Braided-like patterns extend from the circular frame creating a textured look, like the island craft of decorative weaving. Behind, dreamy clouds float across a lover's sky, tinted with soft powder blues and pinks that could have been blended by the hand of Cupid, himself.

  Club de Colada
Club de Colada

Another cocktail shaken not stirred, is the well known Pina Colada. Enjoyed as a creamy afternoon delight, it begins with a rum-base, mixed with the tropical flavours of pineapple juice and coconut cream. This design takes on a reversable effect. Split images of pina coladas, served in high ball glasses, are placed vice versa to each other. Pineapple slices and their spears are the customary garnish, adding true island sparkle with pineapple swizzle sticks.

Delicate motifs of stylised pineapple spears or leaves, further extend the flavour of this design, matched with the sweeping hues of this fruit highlighting the background. While cool shades of lush green beneath pineapple line work, provides a window frame into Club de Colada's warm tropical afternoons by the pool, with the nectar of paradise.

  Imperial Grasshopper
Imperial Grasshopper

An elegant old style champagne saucer takes the limelight, detailed with a delicate cut glass pattern of leaves, that nestle a creamy indulgence, fit for an emperor.

Those of us with a little 'savoir faire' (sophisticated know-how) will know that this is the perfect 'after-dinner mint' of the cocktail world. The Grasshopper is based on green créme de menth ( a french liqueur made from peppermint) combined with white créme de cacao (cocoa liqueur) and cream. It is normally served after dinner and followed by strong dark coffee.

Ruby red maraschino cherries and sweet mint leaves offer a tempting sight for our grasshopper motif, created in oriental line tradition. Finishing with imperial excellence, alike to Ming Dynasty designs, is a lotus petal-shape frame, that captures swirling intricate patterns and stylised mint leaves in the corners.

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