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Galactica Fan

Artist - Colonial Warrior - Galactican

Ever looked up into the night sky and wondered who else is out there? Or how did we get here and where did we come from?

I have always pondered these questions along with the rest of those who are curious and are deep thinkers that imagine beyond our planet's terrene.

The Original Galactica TV Series

"Battlestar Galactica was a favourite part of the television culture that I grew up with..."

"Friday night was the best night of the week!"

In 1978-79, a television series became a legend and remains so in the hearts of every veteran fan of the show, ever since it went to air.

"Battlestar Galactica" was a favourite part of the television culture that I grew up with. It made a huge impact on me at the mere age of no more than 7 or 8 yahrens (a Galactican term for 'year'.)

Every Friday night at 7pm, my family and I would take up our comfortable spots in the living room and be immediately engrossed in this show. I think I lived for Friday nights; it was the best night of the week!

Man pondering the universe at night
How did we get here and where do we come from are just some of the
existential questions many of us have pondered upon.
(Image: Pixabay)

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Several yahrens later, when I was about 14 yahrens, Sunday afternoons at 4pm became the best day of the week. The re-runs of BSG were being aired again, seven years after I first watched the original series as a young girl.

My best friend and I discovered, only when we realized BSG was on the TV again, that we were both ardent fans of the show since we were young en’s. Well, Monday mornings and lunch times had only one topic of discussion (well that, and the dashing Captain Apollo (Richard Hatch), and which one of us he might marry...sigh), our other good friend would just roll her eyes when we started talking feverishly about Sunday's episode. Not everyone’s a Galactican. But there are many of us who would still be willing to jump in a Viper, given the chance.

Battlestar Galactica Show

If there was ever one show that made a non-erasable impression in my mind and the developments of my own thoughts, beliefs, and philosophies of our own planet's possible origins and it's mysteries, it was Battlestar Galactica. The show's theme about a great civilization of human tribes fleeing to survive the attacks of an enemy alien race, to find their mythical thirteenth colony, known as Earth, never left me, (or countless thousands), the same ever again.

Fans of the show (who are still active fans to this day, like me, and whom many, have become friends of mine), fell in love with the story's heroes and heroines, villains and leaders, which immortalized the very characters and the actors who played them.

There were magnificent Battlestar ships, various vessels of the fleet and star fighter craft. I think every fan, (children and adults alike), wished they could don a warrior helmet (which resembled the head-dress design of an Egyptian Pharaoh), blast out of a launch tube themselves, join the viper squadrons and defend the rag-tag fleet from the impending Cylon raiders.

The close connections and relationships with mythologies, religion, culture, art and languages, costumes (many of which we are already familiar with from our own Earthly ancient civilizations), blended harmoniously with a highly advanced technological human race, who still held on to their sage old wisdom and beliefs of where they originated from and where their ancestral 13th tribe went to.

The unforgettable opening narration to each show, which made hearts stand still all over our world, gave way to anticipation of what adventures would unfold with each episode.

The very words, "Some believe, that life here, began out there..." continue to haunt my imagination and a little wish (...alright, a rather large hopeful wish!), that we might just have human brothers and sisters somewhere out there beyond the stars.

We may very well be their descendants, or “Children of the stars”.

© 2006 This article is copyrighted and property of Lotus Sunrise Designs. All rights reserved.


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