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Oriental Wall Decor Art

Transforming Your Home With Oriental Wall Decor

The Orient retains a mystical, regal allure which is sometime difficult to understand by some people. Whether you have been to any of the places in the Orient or not, it's likely that you have marveled at some of its art from afar. Perhaps you even have some of the actual Oriental art items in your own house, displayed as wall decor.

If you are considering decorating any space in your house, Oriental wall art might be among the best walls decorating suggestions available. Several well-chosen works of art carefully placed in your preferred room, or around the house, will give you a good aura of elegance, tranquility, mystery and fulfilment. Even if you just hold the passing desire for such an art, you might find it a pleasant change to your home decor.

Lotus Sunrise Eliya, Eelephant design

Elephants are often used in Asian art, be it for wall decor, tapestries, or ceramic figurines

Oriental art variety

From Far East dragons to koi fish, samurais to geisha ladies, the variety of symbols and images that Orinetal wall arts portray can be staggering and incredible. It's not unusual or coincidental that whenever people start considering different wall designing ideas, they frequently discover that Asian style artwork offers the most choice and often the best choice to them. There's something unique and different about Asian art, which often ends up being a good conversation opener.

Sri Lanka multi-panel artwork

Probably the best known forms of Oriental wall art may be the multi-panel artwork. This is exactly as the name suggests - an artwork item that consists of 4 or more inidvidual panels or sections. Each panel portrays a different picture, but together they're part of an overall theme. A bit like a mosaic or an assembly that fits well together - the pieces form an interesting picture when looked at from afar.

The multi-panel artwork images could be those of Oriental characters that form a story, or colorful images from Asian gardens, including blossoms. As well as adding more variety to your walls decor, these pictures can be placed on your wall together, or apart. They can be also distributed throughout the house as individual items, or placed on each wall in one of your chosen rooms.

These Oriental wall art slide paintings from Sri Lanka are visually spectacular. They tend to be painted on rice paper and sometime on stronger materials. Working well together or individually, these artwork pieces can also convey a particular concept, philosophy, or theme.

Regardless of what your own wall designing ideas are, you might find an interesting and refreshing change of style that Oriental wall decor provides. There are plenty of options available out there and it's only a matter of choosing something that suits your style and taste. Regardless of what you might chose for your wall decor, Oriental art pieces will be good conversation starters in your home.

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