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Princess in Training

A royal friend

Among those in the close-knit circle of family and friends who have offered encouragement, guidance and skillful talents to help make LOTUS SUNRISE DESIGNS what it is today, there is someone whom I would like to make special mention of. A personal dear friend of mine, Lisa Drucker, is the wonderfully talented, creative and regally charming author of the fabulous, inspiring book, "THE PRINCESS-IN-TRAINING-MANUEL", composed under her Inner-princess pen name, Princess Jacqueline de Soignée.

I came to be delightfully acquainted with Lisa, upon writing a letter of praise and enjoyment of her book. My letter reached her a few months later, via the publishing company. I recall feeling lost for words and honored when I received a personal note from the author thanking me for my letter. It truly felt like I had received correspondence from a real princess, for she is just as gracious in her real self as she is in her professional writing. For a year now Lisa and I have been keeping in touch, through letters and e-mail, learning about one another's lives, families, interests, work and vocations, developing a friendly and charming rapport with each other.

Princess in training website

"What a wonderful site!! And your designs are fabu!!!” Spoken like a true 21st century princess. It was lovely to receive such positive feedback from someone as distinguished and accomplished in her own right, as Ms drucker"...

"proudly i too embrace my own inner princess, thanks to a wonderful mentor and cherished friend...”

Lisa is a rar'a a'vis to me and I felt most flattered when she guessed I had an artistic line of work, due to my, what she called, "artful and meticulously wrought penmanship and calligraphy" in my letters to her. Lisa also has a website for her book "The Princess-in-training-Manuel", at, and when she learned of my venture in a website of my own for my LOTUS SUNRISE DESIGNS, she was most eager to see my collections.

As of last month (January 2006), when my website became live, Lisa was finally able to view my work and her words were "What a wonderful site!! And your designs are fabu!!!!" Spoken like a true 21st century princess. It was just lovely to receive such positive feedback from someone as distinguished and accomplished in her own right, as Ms Drucker.

Further more she said, "I can't wait to see the "coming soon" collections", and added a kind and noble suggestion to add a "guestbook" link to my site, which may reap rewarding benefits for extra feedback on Lotus Sunrise Designs. I am very pleased to say that my web masters are working at constructing a guestbook link for my site, so that I may receive comments and questions or of the ilk, from those who visit my gallery on the net around the world.

Large lotus flower
The awesome beauty of the Lotus flower can be truly inspirational
(Image by

Lotus flower design

Lisa and I both enjoy mythology of the classic ancient world, and without a doubt, Lisa, as well as countless others out there who share the same enthusiasm for mythology, appreciates the association of mythical figures in my designs. Among the many fields of study Lisa has achieved degrees in, Philology is one of them. She cleverly used onomastics in many of her character's names in her book, capturing the qualities associated with her invented characters.

So when she complimented me on my choice for my designer name saying, "the LOTUS is a wonderful flower and paired with SUNRISE, makes it further inspiring", certainly gave me a view of how the name appeals to a creative writer such as Ms Drucker.

Indeed, the Lotus is a beautiful and perfect blossom, and I can remember when I first set my eyes on this flower, upon my first journey through Sri Lanka. It impresses a sense of the mystic and the divine, and I chose this flower in name and logo, out of admiration for it's beauty, as well as an offer of respect for my great grandfather's buddhist faith. Sunrises are a gorgeous time of the day (if you are up at that time), and through its symbolic meanings of renewal and regeneration, as is the lotus, opening anew with each dawn, a stylized image of our life-giving star, added an enhancing backdrop.

When I found the book, “The Princess-In-Training-Manuel", it was a sheer serendipitous discovery! I was instantly drawn to it, as I believe the universe has a way of helping each of us to find the very person or object we are looking for, in this case, the perfect book. I am now a graduate of the P.I.T course, and proudly, I too, embrace my own inner-princess, thanks to a wonderful mentor and cherished friend, who has offered invaluable words of encouragement and inspiration to me that I hold dear to my heart.

"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves", and how fortunate I am, to have someone like Lisa as part of my family of friends, and a royal friend in every sense!

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