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Sri Lanka

Home to Sinhalese line art

Sri Lanka is an island country in the northern Indian Ocean, found in South Asia. Until 1972 it was known as Ceylon, as a British colony. The name is English translation from Ceilao, given to the island by the Portuguese in 1505. In India Sri Lanka island is known as Lanka or Sinhala. Hence the name of Sinhalese line art. Sri Lanka's documented history dates back to about three thousand years.

These articles on Sri Lanka will give you more insight into its rich culture and in particular its art and traditions.

  Sri Lanka articles
Inspirations from Sri Lanka Art Inspirations from Sri Lanka Art

The rising dawn of creation - the story behind inspiration and the origins of Lotus Sunrise and the designs' creation. These Sri Lanka inspired designs came about almost 20 years ago from designs used for writing stationery.

Oriental Sinhalese Line Art

Oriental Sinhalese Line Art

How oriental line art shaped Lotus designs. Being one of the most disciplined forms of art, line art is the underlying concept and feature of all Lotus artist's designs. How line work can transform something simple into an art form.

Origins of Punkalasa Art Origins of Punkalasa Art

Native to Sri Lanka, this fine art form is known as gok gediya. Word 'Punkalasa' stands for pot or horn of plenty, sometime in the West referred to as cornucopia. Punkalasa is a symbol for peace and prosperity.

Sri Lanka Events and Festivals Sri Lanka Events and Festivals

A visit to this beautiful island is not complete without attending at least one of many annualevents and festivals. Deeply rooted in its rich history and culture, these colourful events are usually celebrations based on religious traditions.

Sri Lanka Holidays and History Sri Lanka Holidays and History

This beautiful island country has a long and interesting history, including 150-year British colonial rule. With its rich local and British heritage, natural beauty, great beaches and resorts, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to its holiday visitors.

Sri Lankan Art Influences Sri Lankan Art Influences

Lotus Sunrise Designs get their inspiration from Sri Lanka's traditional art, which is rich in its diversity and has its roots in the native customs and religious beliefs. This art has been passed down from father to son and it's still influential.

Tangalle Sri Lanka Holiday Tangalle Sri Lanka Holiday

As a wild and untamed country, Sri Lanka is a great holiday destination for those who enjoy natural wonders. Its rich historicalmonuments and great cultural festivals will give you a memorable holiday adventure.

Palm fringed Sri Lanka coastline
Rich in history and diverse natural wonders make Sri Lanka a unique tropical
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