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Sri Lanka Art

The inspiration behind Lotus Sunrise Designs creation

Lotus Sunrise Designs started as a humble idea for a range of Sri Lankan art inspired designs, originally for writing stationery, thirteen years ago. In total, eight designs made a debut on paper and were produced in modest quantities from a small private Desk Top Publishing Printer in Oceania.

However, after finding some difficulty in continuing to produce the stationery at a manageable cost, I, (the artist), began to wonder if my designs were only destined to be short lived, like a shooting star that lights up brilliantly across the night sky, but soon disappears as it burns up in the atmosphere.

Wall art at Buddhism temple in Sri Lanka

The beauty of Sri Lanka art is especially visible at the country's
Buddhism temples.
(Image by

Lotus Sunrise Sri Lankan Origin

"Lotus sunrise designs started as a humble idea for a range of sri lankan inspired designs, originally for writing stationery"....

"decor art allows me a larger scope for my love of art and expression. My art pieces become functional as soft furnishings with a difference"

The very name of Lotus Sunrise, and the self-designed logo, seemed to hold an entity of its own, a certain Je ne sais quoi, to me. Family and friends were a source of encouragement and support to me, urging me to not lose hope for a better outlet for my ideas and designs.

It wasn't until my second trip back to Sri Lanka in 1999 when, I was introduced to a local artist and her work, that I began to see more possibilities for my own designs. I had on my former trip to Sri Lanka, seen many beautiful and exquisite art pieces, ancient and new, during my travels around the country. Sri Lanka's art is steeped in rich ancient history and tradition. I instantly fell under its spell. The artist's work that I viewed was awe-inspiring, and possessed a style handed down by the great masters of oriental avant-garde.

I began to learn Sri Lankan style and create even more unique and different designs. Guided to the gentle craft of fabric painting, which became the outlet I now use for Lotus Sunrise Designs.

D├ęcor Art Pieces

Decor art allows me a larger scope for my love of art and expression. My art pieces become functional as soft furnishings with a difference. Produced on 100% unbleached calico, this fabric provides a natural cotton canvas for each hand painted piece.

The first collection I made in this format was commissioned by and for exclusive use by a boutique resort in the South Pacific. Decorative wall hangings were created in one-off designs just for the resort's bungalows, and reception area. Additionally, I created a further selection of one-off pieces that are for sale via their resort souvenir store.

Since then, five new collections of differently themed designs are available for custom-made orders, world wide, via the Lotus Sunrise website. Every piece is strictly a hand painted soft furnishing, and in doing so, I retain the tradition of old world charm in individually hand painted pieces.

Complementary for the home or office, Lotus Sunrise Designs offers a continuing selection of new and unique decor art.

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