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Sinhalese Line Art

How line art shaped my designs

When I was introduced to oriental line-art over nine years ago, I soon discovered how line-work has a way of transforming the simplest motif or pattern into something special and breathing life into it.

Over the years, I obtained a small collection of invaluable books to guide me upon my learning path in this ancient art culture. Since then, those books have become a 'sine qua non' for my continuing erudition and vital source for reference. From this unique medium, I have gained a wealth of expressive form and style, enabling me to convey the storehouse of ideas I have been inspired to create designs with, for Lotus Sunrise collections.

Line Art

"I soon discovered how line-work has a way of transforming the simplest motif or pattern into something special, and breathing life into it"...."line-work may appear to be a very disciplined form of art, as opposed to the free forms of modern art. However, it possesses a unique language just as any art form does"

Line work may appear to be a very disciplined form of art, as opposed to the free forms of modern art. However it possesses a unique language, just as any art form does. Using fine, artistic and rhythmic lines, beginning with just a single line forming a shape or pattern, new lines are added en rapport, creating a build up of intricate and flowing rhythmic patterns. The result is a rich stylization of subject matter. Often line art is described as projecting a "live" quality, even with non-living subject matters.

One of the prominent features in Sinhalese art tradition is the extensive use of creeper work, combined with motifs and decorative designs. In fact, creeper work is universal and can be found in the vast numbers of preserved and restored medieval art works, such as paintings, murals, tapestries, carvings and various other artistic formats.

Oriental Art

Much of medieval European, Middle Eastern and of course, Oriental art used this intricate and elegant ornamental pattern. Naturally, every region developed a typical style of creeper design, characteristically different from one corner of the globe to the other. One only needs to see the Lotus Sunrise logo and web page banner to instantly become acquainted with an example of rich stylized creeper work.

Oriental art mosaic

Oriental art forms typically use intricate and elegant ornamental patterns, seen on this mosaic  (Image by

When I began developing collections of designs for my website, I wanted each collection to pertain to a theme, different from the next. 'Island of Wonders' was my first collection created for the site. With an Oceania theme fused with a Sinhalese art style. Starting from raw sketches of ideas, the designs gradually took shape and character. Colour is an important feature of course, as it must be pleasing upon the senses. My palette is rather my laboratory, for mixing and blending colours. Vibrant and subdued hues are carefully selected to complement each design's individual nature. Together with line-art, definement and stylization, infuses a soulful salience that brings a design to life.

Artwork Designs

I aim to create all my collections with an atmospheric ambience that can offer a pleasurable visual experience and understanding of subject matter. Each work of art provides a journey for the imagination and through design descriptions, a visual extension beyond the compositions, can further aid my viewers appreciation of designs that they may be contemplating to purchase.

When the right decor is chosen for the home or place of business, decorative/functional art can promote therapeutic benefits as well. Whether a piece creates calm and serenity, elegance, joyfulness, balance or harmony; the perfect atmosphere can be achieved by selecting art pieces that appeal to you or your needs most.

In my seven years of experience with line-art, I have discovered the "feel good" quality this poetic style generates. I enjoy immensely the creation/production process and I believe art is a wonderful medium to manifest positive ideas and concepts. I hope for Lotus Sunrise designs to impart that " feel good" quality upon those who may simply view or possess any one, or several of my art pieces.

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