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Sri Lanka Events and Festivals

Celebrating the country's history and culture

As a country with a long history and rich culture, Sri Lanka celebrates many important events and festivals. Vistors coming to this country will find many reasons to celebrate. Here are some of the events and festivals that you will encounter as a traveller. So plan your visit or holiday in Sri Lanka accordingly.

A statue of Buddha in Colombo

Many annual festivals and events held in Si Lanka are religious celebrations.
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Annual events and festivals

» Thai Pongal festival

A colorful festival celebrated by Tamil people on every fourteen day of January to mark the end of the harvest season. This is one of the wonderful events as most of those celebrating apply some intricate drawing on the floor using flour while houses being adorned in a colorful kolam. It is also during this event that special prayers are held to praise and worship the sun God. It is accompanied with the customary cooking of Pongal meals. The Pongal meals are shared with neighbors particularly those who are not Hindus.

» The Independence Day

An eastern religious female deity
Many religions, including Eastern religions are known by their colourful deity icons, depicted in their art.

Back in 1948 Sri Lanka was established as an independent nation. On the fouth of February each year Sri Lankans celebrate their Independence Day. A lot of events takes place during this time, especially around the parliamentary platforms, usually attended by diplomats and politicians.

They discuss on various futuristic ideas that have a potential of transforming and advancing the economy of the country. Not to mention the heroic day when their forefathers shed blood to acquire independence. The citizens takes this time to remember those who sacrifices their lives for the wellbeing of future generations.

» Maha Shivarathri

Another religious event that is held towards the start of March or late February is Maha Shivarathri. This is a Hindu festival in reverence of Lord Shiva, held usually sometime in February or March. The celebrations take place on a moonless night, involving vigils being held in households. Pujas (Hindu prayer ritual) are also held across the country throughout the night. It's believed that anyone who devotedly utters the name of Shiva during Shivarathri becomes free from all sins.

» Gangaramaya Navam Perahera festival

During February as well, Gangaramaya Navam Perahera festival is also held. This is held in the capital city Colombo and all those visitors to the place will experience and see the colorfully dressed elephants as well as dancers and musicians across the streets of the capital city. This is one of the overwhelming events with a famous parade that draws visitors to Colombo both locally and from overseas.

» Madhu festival

The celebration is held in August. This is celebrated together with the feast of St. Anne. It is celebration for the catholics especially Our Lady of Madhu and St Anne churches. The churches are known for their belief in miracle statues. Those celebrating tour the pilgrimage site and held prayers while spending their night outside the church. The Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu is considered the holiest catholic shrine in the country, being a place of devotion for Tamil and Sinhalese catholics.

A Hindu temple

Religious temples and shrines are usually at the centre of religious events
and festivals.
(Image by

» The Vel festival

Not to forget the the vel festival in Colombo. It is a religious celebration for the Hindus. During this celebration, it is believed that God of war took his vel from Muthuvinayagan to the Kathiresan. Visitors to Sri Lanka can witness the celebrations during the day.

Sri Lanka is a leading romantic destination for those who wish to visit the island. It is the most tourist-oriented with a live history and legacy of colorful festivals relating to Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Those who wish to visit the state, are required to apply for Sri Lanka Visa in advance.

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