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Tangalle - Sri Lanka's True Holiday Paradise

Experience Sri Lanka holiday adventure in Tangalla

Sri Lanka is a wild and untamed country filled with natural wonders throughout its land. Sri Lanka is an island country in the northern Indian Ocean. It is very near to India and Maldives, It is a republic country governed by a president. It has a 1600km of palm fringed coastline, Golden beaches washed with aquamarine, historical monuments, Festivals with Cultural essence, makes this nature filled country the ideal destination for holiday.

Sunset on a beach in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers numerous palm fringed beaches on its long coastline to enjoy as part
of your holiday adventure in Sri Lanka
(Image by

Sri Lanka tourism

Along with its traditional essence, Sri Lanka tourism also offers various adventurous activities like scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, yachting and many others. This country has many beautiful beaches like Tangalla, Beruwala, Mirissa, Bentota and Unawatuna. Since these beaches have become a major tourist attraction and they are surrounded by exclusive resorts, boutique hotels, sandbars, etc. and these beaches also have glowing coral reefs under them.


Tangalle is the natural paradise of Sri Lanka, it is located around 195km from Colombo, 35km from Matara. This beach is one of the best spots along the coast of Sri Lanka. This is the best choice if you would like to relax, get tanned and soaked in the sun. This destination can be reached by both train and bus. Hired transportation options are also available. It exhibits fine sand filled beaches which are best for swimming and diving. This lazy city has a few reminders of Dutch days. Many small bays and beaches are nearby to this beach, within 3km.


Srilanka has a tropical climate, temperatures varies throughout the country. The mountainous areas of Sri Lanka are often cold, about 15 degrees Celsius. But the north-eastern coast is the hottest part of the country, around 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures on the coastline of the south-western half of the country are about 27-29 degree Celsius all year round. In Tangalle it would be mostly sunny all-round the year.

The Golden Temple at Dambulla, Sri Lanka

The imposing large statue of Buddha at the Golden Temple in Dambulla is a popular sight with visitors to Sri Lanka  (Image by


In Tangalle, there are many restaurants offering various cuisines, try their traditional food which would be very tasty and delicious. Srilankan cuisine includes rice and various veg and non-veg curries, since Tangalle is a seashore, you would be left with many choices in Seafood. Coconut would be an important ingredient in Srilankan cooking. If you would like to explore the street food, this would be the perfect place. Don't miss their tender coconut as well.


All range of accommodation is available in Tangalle, Cheap hotels, budget hotels and luxury Hotels. Turtle observation camps are also available. Few best hotels in Tangalle are Buckingham Palace, Coco Tanagalla, Turtle Bay, Amanvellam, Pal Paradise Cabanas and many.

Things to do in Tangalle

There are many things to do in Tangalle. They are

1. Surfing

2. Sun Bathing

3. Diving

4. and Snorkeling

5. Tangalle is filled with exceptional Flora and Fauna, where you can watch corals.

6. Visit the stunning rock monolith of Mulkirigal, located 20km to the north, and it has beautiful caves with wall painting and Buddha statues.

7. You can also watch Sri Lanka's famous stilt fishermen perched on a vertical pole planted in the sand underwater, they would be holding the stilt with one hand and the fishing rod in the other. They would catch small fish with just a crude fishing pole and a hook with no bait.

Wall frescoes at Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

One of the many wall paintings found in caves at the Rock Mountain in Sigiriya
(Image by

So, do you agree that Tangalle is definitely the paradise of Srilanka? Wait no more, pack your bags to this untamed location to merge with nature. Srilankan Visa process is quiet simple if you are applying for a tourist visa. Travellers who wish to travel to Sri Lanka have to apply for their Sri Lanka visa and get ready to visit the beautiful country like Srilanka.

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